Hello everyone I'm Woybff I was part of this wiki since Chrismas when I got a Wander push. As you can tell if you seen the comment I left on Lauren Faust's page I am "Wander Over Yonder's biggest fan forever"!


Who is your favorite Galaxy girl?

Milky way I guess, she reminds me of that Power Puff Girls.

How can you stand WOY?

I don't know, I love it.

Who is your favorite WOY Character?

Wander, I love him. Second Sylvia and in third Commander Peepers.

What do you have against Goddess?

My region, but I won't pray to Vesus or anyone like that just the God I believe in. Don't hate me.

Is the reason why you like Milky way and Galaxy Girls because Lauren Faust made it?

Yes pretty much if you seen a photo of her and Craig McCracken on year at Comic com (I think it was Comic com) Lauren has Galaxy girls stuff and Craig has Wander stuff, Wander took about four years to get on air, but maybe Milky way and Galaxy girls have a chance.

Who is your least favorite Galaxy girl?

All are great, IDK.

Finally words

I hope that this Wiki is friendly to me, and I'm Woybff if I do attack a little crazy, off, or if I talk about Wander Over Yonder message me I'll give you a reason, it's a beautiful reason, I think it's a gift.  Plus I creatied a Wiki of my own. Message me if you what in on that, that's my fanfiction. Thank you to one's who are readin this and Lauren Faust.