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  • I live in (Why the crap do you care?)
  • My occupation is a writer
  • I am Homestar Runner and song lyrics in a pickle jar.
  • Woybff

    Woybff is in the house!!

    February 14, 2015 by Woybff

    Hello everyone I'm Woybff I was part of this wiki since Chrismas when I got a Wander push. As you can tell if you seen the comment I left on Lauren Faust's page I am "Wander Over Yonder's biggest fan forever"!

    Who is your favorite Galaxy girl?

    Milky way I guess, she reminds me of that Power Puff Girls.

    How can you stand WOY?

    I don't know, I love it.

    Who is your favorite WOY Character?

    Wander, I love him. Second Sylvia and in third Commander Peepers.

    What do you have against Goddess?

    My region, but I won't pray to Vesus or anyone like that just the God I believe in. Don't hate me.

    Is the reason why you like Milky way and Galaxy Girls because Lauren Faust made it?

    Yes pretty much if you seen a photo of her and Craig McCracken on year at Comic com (I thin…

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