Uranus by fyre flye
Uranus by Lauren Faust





Color Scheme

Navy, light blue, emerald green, white


Smart, determined, responsible, know-it-all


Traditional, conservative

Uranus is very particular about the way you pronounce her name. She would like you to know that the proper, scientific pronunciation of her name is: YOOR-en-us. No other pronunciation is acceptable. That said, Uranus is a bit of a perfectionist. Concerned only with her studies, she spends her time with her nose in a book, whether calculus, quantum physics, or a good romance novel. She does, however, spend some time hounding her more tranquil twin, Neptune, to be a little more responsible. Uranus firmly believes the more you learn when you are young, the greater good you can do when you are older. And she intends to do great things!


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