Milky Way
Milky Way by fyre flye
Milky Way by Lauren Faust




New places, new friends, new experiences

Color Scheme

Navy, light blue, pale yellow


Adventurous, curious, outgoing, impulsive, mischievous


She loves all kinds of fashion! She'll try anything on!

Milky Way is what every girl wants to be and doesn’t realize she already is. Smart, confident, adventurous and fun, Milky’s passion is new experiences! She travels the universe looking for far out friends and astronomic adventures. When she’s back in our solar system, her entourage the Galaxy Girls, are waiting eagerly to hear about her spectacular space odysseys. When she’s not far off in some distant galaxy, Milky’s need for fun and risky business may lead her and her friends into trouble. But Milky’s quick wits and courage always get them back out! Not even the force of gravity can keep this cosmic girl down!

 Fan theme by MandoPony

【HD】Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Milky Way -- Original Music02:50

【HD】Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Milky Way -- Original Music

【HD】Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Milky Way -- Original Music


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