Jupiter by fyre flye
Jupiter by Lauren Faust


Lightning Bolt


Charity, activism, the environment and animals

Color Scheme

Brown, pink, light yellow, cranberry


Gentle, responsible, caring, calm, spiritual, spacey


hippie, flowing, natural, "granola"

If you were to seek out Jupiter through a telescope, you would find dozens of tiny objects in her orbit. These are Jupiter’s pets!! Each and every one rescued by our peace loving, big hearted, hippie-girl, Jupiter! The most visible (and her favorites) would be Io the Pup, Callisto the Cat, Europa the Bunny, and Ganymede the Ferret, who jet pack behind her where ever she goes. Besides rescuing animals, Jupiter is very concerned about the environment, often organizing events to help get rid of junk left behind by astronauts. She is also very spiritual, always striving to become one with the universe.